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RELX Pods Philippines is an authorized RELX distributor of RELX Tech Electronic Atomizer Company.

We are your trustable RELX Philippines Supplier for all RELX products including Infinity, Classic, RELX Alpha, etc. And what’s better is that we also provide you the Compatible Starter Kit & Compatible Pods for RELX.

RELX Philippines price is affordable, but the prices of compatible products are even more affordable than that! Feel free to place an order any time in the Philippines.

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RELX is just one of the most preferred brand names for innovative smokeless cigarettes and also next-generation vaping tools. We utilize one of the most modern-day manufacturing strategies, offering you ingenious devices.

Our items integrate trendy contemporary styles with reducing side innovation to give you the very best electric cigarettes as well as vape pens online.

RELX PODS integrates cutting-edge, next-generation vaping innovation with trendy, minimal styles to provide you items that are much more classy as well as advanced than you can discover in any other on-line vapor shop.

Our vape pens as well as e-cigarettes reenergize promptly and also can last 1 day despite having hefty usage. One-of-a-kind air passage layouts likewise improve your vaping experience.

Interested in what the future generation of vaping devices can do? Fascinated by the principle of style and also performance conference together?

Discover a few of our vast array of items and also find the distinction of RELX modern technology first-hand.

RELX incorporates classy styles with ingenious next-generation innovation to offer newbie vapers one of the most innovative digital vapor cigarette starter set readily available online.

Each vape pen is the result of our exact manufacturing procedure. We thoroughly check every action of the procedure, from layout to production, to offer brand-new vapers with user-friendly as well as reliable vaping devices.

With our fashionable vape pens, RELX wants to offer cigarette smokers an option to smoking.

RELX pods make vaping in Ph a preference surge, with numerous tastes that vary from standards, like Mint, to brand-new mixes, like Mellow Yellow and also Fresh Red.

When you pick RELX PODS, you can anticipate innovative innovation as well as contemporary minimal layouts. We do not, nevertheless, simply offer vaping devices online. We develop a vaping experience that provides softer, smoother pulls with longer usage.

RELX uses FEELM Ceramic Maze Coil in all RELX pods that you can’t find in any other vape brands. It creates the smoothest vapor to perfect your sensation. 

Established in 2018, RELX has actually increased quickly in the extremely affordable e-cigarette market thanks to its hefty financial investment in R & D.

RELX holds itself to the most strict commercial criteria on the planet, also while the sector does not have main criteria as well as policies.

RELX is based in China. The globe’s biggest manufacturer of e-cigarette, China makes up 95 percent of international production quantity and also 90 percent of global exports.

You can discover the authentification code sticker label on the item packaging box, scrape off the finish, and also acquire the 14-digit authentification code. (Just obtain RELX Pod Pro).

Some older variation items might not have this 14-digit authentification code, please straight check the QR code on the tag of your item by your cellphone.

By scanning the QR code you’ll be able to check if you’ve bought the authentic RELX pods in the Philippines.

RELX PODS online vape pen shop offers free Philippines shipment. Whether you’re vaping away in Malina or loosening up with your RELX vape in Davao City, we’ll provide your items right to your front door.

If you want to find a physical RELX store and feel the products real close, you can use the store locator that RELX offers.

RELX pods are constructed for blowing under typical illustration stress.

It might take a little additional suction on the very first shot to obtain the RELX pod working, however, the adhering to smokes need to be mild. Blowing as well hard can compel fluid up right into the air course.

It is best to stay clear of pressing the mouthpiece in between your teeth or lips – this stress might additionally compel fluid up right into the air course and also trigger the leak.

When placing your RELX pod, location your fingers on the external sides of the difficult plastic mouthpiece to prevent pressing the RELX pod as it clicks right into the area. 

Free Philippines shipping

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Easy 30 days returns

30 days money back guarantee

Philippines Warranty

Offered in all cities in Philippines

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