• Available use in full power state: 250〜300puff
  • Charging: Micro-USB
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Contents: Device × 1, USB Charging Cable × 1

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RELX is a popular brand for e-cigs. It’s easy, and simple to use. The plug-and-play, pocket-friendly design suits most people’s preferences. Now  VaporCave™ has released the latest version of the RELX STARTER KIT COMPATIBLE DEVICE. It works perfectly with all RELX STARTER KIT ACCESSORIES. 100% Compatible with RELX Classic charger and pods but at a 65% lower price than the original RELX Starter Kit.



Device × 1, Micro USB Charging Cable × 1

Specifications & Features:

    • Available use in full power state: 250〜300puff
    • Magnetic pod/battery connection
    • Color: Black
    • Charging: Micro-USB
    • Battery Capacity: 350mAh

PS: This product doesn’t include RELX PODS! Click RELX PODS PHILIPPINES / RELX COMPATIBLE PODS PHILIPPINES to shop for some pods for RELX!

Warranty & Returns:

We provide you 30 days easy return and 12 months warranty in the Philippines.

We just approve return cases based upon item quality concerns. The item must be bought here on the RELX PODS site and also have to be returned straight to us within 30 days of the item receipt. We will certainly not have the ability to return the products if the tamper-proof seal is damaged.



RELX compatible devices are actively made to be simple and easy to use. Besides the device itself, you can also discover a billing cable. Considering that RELX devices come charged and also on-line, you do not require to stress over the charging cable right away.

Take the e-liquid pod out of its product packaging and just insert it right into the COMPATIBLE RELX STARTER KIT device. You’ll discover it glides efficiently, delicately connecting itself to the compatible device. Our pods and devices remain linked through a magnetic lock. No clicks, no hand-operated lock-in below!

Delicately breathe in on the mouthpiece of the Pod to vape. No switches to fuss with, simply breathe in or “draw” to trigger the pressure-sensitive RELX Pod as well as absorb the vapor.

You’ll see the indication brighten gently when you take a pull. As you obtain accustomed to this brand-new experience, watch on the light to see if it flickers – this suggests you’re breathing in as well lengthy or as well deeply.

Pretty easy right?

Battery: While the battery life depends upon exactly how often you’ve been using the compatible RELX starter kit compatible device, you can normally count on a complete charge to last the whole day, with modest to light customers having the ability to last 2-3 days on one charge.

Charging: To charge your RELX starter kit compatible device, just put the charging wire into the bottom of the RELX starter kit compatible device and connect it right to the nearby source of power.

You will see the sign illuminate as well as remain on throughout the charging time and also shut down when the battery is totally charged. It just takes 45-60 mins to complete charging your RELX compatible device.

Cleansing: Every so often, you can clean down your compatible RELX starter kit with a paper towel and some isopropyl alcohol. You can likewise clean up the tooth cavity of the device with a Q-tip dipped in the alcohol as well as allow the device to completely dry before returning to usage.

Storage space: When not being used, the compatible RELX starter kit needs to be kept in a secure as well as completely dry area, far from kids.



This item needs to be saved in a cold and dark setting. Remember to keep it away from kids.

Please utilize the item in small amounts. If you really feel sick after usage, please quit instantly.

Problems When Using Compatible RELX Starter Kit

Can I use RELX Pods with the Compatible RELX Starter Kit?

Absolutely. The Compatible RELX Starter Kit is 100% compatible with all RELX accessories including the RELX Pods, the charger for the original RELX starter kit and charging cases, etc. It’s completely safe to use. Want to try RELX at a lower price? Try this Compatible RELX Starter Kit, you will be surprised.

What Does It Mean When The LED Blinks?

When the teardrop-shaped LED sign light on the front center of the RELX starter kit Philippines device blinks, it means the device is out of battery.

You need to find a charger with a micro USB cable to charge the device. After charging for 45 mins, the device will be back to life and the battery will be enough for you to vape through the whole day ahead.

A little heads up, don’t use your compatible RELX starter kit when it’s either out of battery or e-liquid.

How Do I Change The RELX Pod?

Either it’s because the current RELX pod on your compatible RELX starter kit is empty or you just want to switch to another pod, you can simply just slowly take the pod out from the device and pop in another one. Simple as that.


People Also Ask

Where To Buy RELX Starter Kit In The Philippines?

You can shop for RELX Starter Kit here in RELX PODS Philippines. We are the authorized RELX PODS online shop made only for all the vapers or adult smokers in the Philippines.

We are here to help you improve your body health by quitting smoking via vaping.

Is Compatible RELX Starter Kit Waterproof?

No. The VaporCave Compatible RELX Starter Kit is not waterproof, so are all RELX devices. If you drop your device into water, get it out of the water, wipe clean the water on the device with a tissue or a towel. DON’T USE IT RIGHT AWAY. Put it somewhere dry to let the water inside of the device evaporate slowly. After 6 to 10 hrs (the time depends on the temp and the air humidity), then your device is back to life.

How long does a RELX pod mod last?

The lifetime of a RELX pod depends on how often you use the RELX starter kit Philippines. RELX pod (equals 3 packs of cigs) usually lasts about 4 to 5 days.

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