• 1.9ml Tank Capacity
  • Nicotine: 3%-5%
  • 3-Pod Pack
  • Total Usage: 650 puffs

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The Perfectly Smooth RELX VAPE PODS: RELX Infinity Pods

The RELX Infinity is the brand name’s most cutting edge item. As its name suggests, this device supplies limitless energy, dependability, as well as preference.

RELX Pod Pro

To make use of the Infinity device, simply place the in proportion RELX Pods Pro. When the e-liquid goes out, simply exchange the pods with a brand-new one. All RELX Pods Pro include a QR code to look for credibility. To utilize it, merely manage the guard near the bottom and also you can check the code.

Before you start vaping, make certain to get rid of the all-time low and leading silicone connects that assist in avoiding leakages throughout delivery. Then put the pod right into your Infinity device. The pod will magnetically click within the device. The device will certainly shake as well as blink its LED sign light when you put the pod properly. The mouthpiece might shake a little, yet this is completely okay.

Each RELX Pod Pro consists of 1.9 mL of e-juice, which lasts the ordinary customer around 300 puffs. The special 11 architectural layers as well as a maze-like structure preventing condensation and also leakages. You will not need to manage untidy spills, even if your device topple or when you pass by aircraft. Keep in mind that the Infinity device and also pods are readily available independently. The Infinity device provides you manage over your vaping experience and allows you to pick the tastes you desire.


There are 9 flavors for RELX Infinity Pods Pro: Dark Sparkle, Sunny Sparkle, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Golden Slice, Ludou Ice, Menthol Plus, Rich Tobacco, Tangy Purple.

RELX INFINITY Dark Sparkle: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●●○   Intensity: ●●●●○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Sunny Sparkle: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●○○   Intensity: ●●●○○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Fresh Red: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●●○   Intensity: ●●●○○   Richness: ●●○○○

RELX INFINITY Garden’s Heart: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●○○   Intensity: ●●○○○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Golden Slice: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●○○   Intensity: ●●○○○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Ludou Ice: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●●○   Intensity: ●●●○○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Menthol Plus: 5% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●●●   Intensity: ●●●○○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Rich Tobacco: 5% Nicotine

Cooling: ○○○○○   Intensity: ●●●●○   Richness: ●●●○○

RELX INFINITY Tangy Purple: 3% Nicotine

Cooling: ●●●○○   Intensity: ●●●●○   Richness: ●●●○○



RELX Pod Pro × 3

Specifications & Features:

    • 1.9ml Tank Capacity
    • Nicotine: 3%-5%
    • 0.001 atm pressure switch
    • Ceramic Coil Tech
    • Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
    • Magnetic pod/battery connection
    • 3-Pod Pack
    • Total Usage: 650 puffs

Warranty & Returns:

We provide you 30 days easy return and 12 months warranty in the Philippines.

We just approve return cases based upon item quality concerns. The item must be bought here on the RELX PODS site and also have to be returned straight to us within 30 days of the item receipt. We will certainly not have the ability to return the products if the tamper-proof seal is damaged.



  • are allergic to alcohol
  • have heart disease
  • have high blood pressure
  • have respiratory diseases
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • under 18

This item needs to be saved in a cold and dark setting. Remember to keep it away from kids. Please utilize the item in small amounts. If you really feel unpleasant after usage, please quit instantly. Take the e-liquid/ e-juice pod out of its product packaging and also insert it right into the tooth cavity of the vaping gadget. You’ll see it moves efficiently, carefully connecting itself to the vaping gadget, which indicates the pods and also devices remain linked using a magnetic lock.

No clicks, no hands-on lock-in right here. As soon as the RELX Infinity pod is completed, just exchange it out for a brand-new one. RELX supplies a lot of various tastes, from timeless mint to juicy mango. There’s something for everybody!

Problems When Using RELX Pods

About RELX Infinity Pods Leaking Problem

Usually, there wouldn’t be a leaking problem with RELX Infinity Pods since RELX uses Four-layer leakproof technology on all RELX Infinity Pods Pro. But if your pods are dripping, the good news is there’s a very easy repair. Detach the pod from the battery and also area an item of cells under the pod. Carefully impact with the mouthpiece a couple of times and also any kind of excess e-liquid will certainly be displaced and also onto the cells. Re-insert the pod as well as attempt once again.

What Does It Mean When The LED Blinks?

When the teardrop-shaped LED sign light on the front center of the RELX pod vape blinks, it means the device is out of battery. You need to find a charger with a micro USB cable to charge the device. After charging for 45 mins, the device will be back to life and the battery will be enough for you to vape through the whole day ahead. A little heads up, don’t use RELX pod vape when it’s either out of battery or e-liquid.

How Do I Change The RELX Infinity Pods?

Either it’s because the current RELX Infinity pod is empty or you just want to switch to another RELX Infinity pod, you can simply just slowly take the pod out from the device and pop in another one. Simple as that.

People Also Ask

Where To Buy RELX Infinity Pods?

You can shop for the most genuine RELX Infinity pods here in RELX PODS Philippines. We are the authorized RELX PODS online shop made only for all the vapers or adult smokers in the Philippines. We are here to help you improve your body health by quitting smoking via vaping.

Does RELX have tar?

It does not consist of cigarette, which triggers damages from cigarette smoking, or a response from burning. Points that are most harmful in smoking cigarettes cigarette are mainly lacking from vaping because there is no burning in vaping. There is no tar, or carbon monoxide gas, which are the various other 2 substantial threats of smoking cigarettes.

But RELX pods include nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical, however, it does not trigger cancer cells. And also you don’t have to inhale nicotine when you vape. RELX PODS now provides nicotine-free RELX COMPATIBLE PODS PHILIPPINES at the lowest price while giving you a healthier vaping experience.

How many RELX Infinity pod ml per cartridge?

Each RELX Inifinity Pod Pro consists of 1.9 mL of e-juice, which lasts the ordinary customer around 300 puffs.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Frozen Coke / Dark Sparkle, Garden's Heart, Golden Slice, Grape / Tangy Purple, Ludou Ice, Menthol Plus, Rich Tobacco, Watermelon Mint / Fresh Red


3%, 5%

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    Fast shipping! And the flavors are super fun to try!

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