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Buy RELX Pods Vape In Philippines – The Definitive Guide 2021

Welcome to RELX PODS, the RELX authorized online shop for you in the Philippines! And this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE post about RELX, covering literally EVERYTHING you want to know about RELX Vapes. The introduction of RELX, any problems you ran into while vaping RELX, the full review of RELX Vapes, and even the comparison between RELX and other Vape pens such as RELX vs Juul, RELX vs Uwell Caliburn, RELX vs Iqos, etc.

Aright, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

What Is RELX?

RELX Infinity
RELX Infinity

What Is a RELX Vape?

A RELX vape is a personal vaporizer device with a long, slim form developed to be pocket-friendly and simple to hold. Making use of a heating element powered by a battery, a RELX vape warms up a service known as e-liquid (or vape juice or e-juice) till it reaches the factor of vaporization. When the fluid accomplishes its target temperature, it changes into a cozy, smooth, flavorful, vapor. Unlike traditional cigarette cigarettes, RELX vape does not produce smoke– the fog-like clouds are in fact vapor- neither are they connected with the hazardous tar as well as ash that cigarettes are known for.
Initially launched by the RELX Tech business in 2019, RELX vapes currently have 6 types of gadgets which are Classic, Alpha, RELX i, disposable vape Nano and Nano 2, as well as the fourth-gen tool Infinity and RELX pods for those products. RELX has been updating their items because Classic as well as they’re doing a respectable job.

Who Owns RELX Vape?

Kate Wang, a young and attractive girl from Columbia College is the CEO, likewise among the owners of RELX.

Kate Wang The RELX CEO
Kate Wang The RELX CEO

Kate Wang and the owner group are generally from Uber China and also HuaIi.

CEO Kate Wang is the previous head of Uber China, finished from Columbia University Organization School; CPO Chen is a senior developer of previous HuaIi; co-founder Jiang Long finished from Chinese Academy of Sciences and also Tsinghua College, as well as operating at Uber.

Presently, RELX team has 108 teams, the team is average 27 years of age, is a major “post-90s young people army”.

Du Bing, head of abroad business, was birthed in 1991. He finished from Zhejiang College in commercial layout as well as researched in France.

In Yilong, head of international R&D and supply chain was born in 88. He graduated from the University of Michigan in automation and was engaged in engine development at Benz in The United States And Canada.

Additionally, as the business proceeds, RELX has actually attracted more diverse skills.

It is reported that there are many alumni organizations in the firm, consisting of Tsinghua College, Peking College, Zhejiang College, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the National People’s Congress, Columbia College, MIT, etc.

There are likewise Uber, HuaIi, P&G, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Mars, Foxconn, Droplets as well as various other graduates organizations.

Where Is RELX Vape From?

RELX is based in Beijing, China. It makes up 68.8 percent of the overall market share, the business help, estimating information from Nielsen Study in April.

The globe’s biggest producer of e-cigarette, China accounts for 95 percent of global production quantity and also 90 percent of global exports.

By 2020, RELX has actually opened greater than 2,500 specialized shops nationwide and is present in more than 100,000 retail stores selling RELX pods, devices, and accessories.

Testing RELX Vapes
Testing RELX Vapes

RELX has customers in more than 40 countries and also regions around the globe. RELX has opened up 8 shops in Canada, Indonesia, and other countries and exists in more than 8,000 retailers overseas.

How Can You Tell a Fake RELX Pod?

RELX Verify Code
RELX Verify Code

RELX has an anti-counterfeiting authentication system for all RELX pods and vapes. You can discover the authentication code sticker label on the item packaging box, scratch off the covering, and acquire the 14-digit authentication code. (Just apply for RELX Pods Pro.).

Some older version products might not have this 14-digit authentication code, please directly check the QR code on the label of your item by your cellphone( The QR codes are put on all RELX items).

RELX Verify Light

Additionally, you can see the laser anti-counterfeit label identification code right next to the QR code.

RELX Verify Code

When you transform it at any kind of angle under the light, with various checking out angles, the X-only or L, as well as X code on a genuine item, will certainly generate corresponding 360-degree relative as well as common changing.

RELX Review: The Next-Gen Vape Pen e-Cigarettes

RELX Vape Review

RELX Device

RELX Classic Sunset Glow
RELX Classic Sunset Glow


  • RELX Classic Mod (Battery)
  • 1 × Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 × User Manual


  • 350mAh Battery
  • All-in-One Device
  • 2.0ml Tank Capacity
  • 6W Maximum Wattage
  • Automatic (Draw activated)
  • Magnetic pod/battery connection
  • Honeycomb Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Double Sealed Leak-Resistant Pod Design
  • Non-Refillable Design Compact and lightweight Design
  • Available in 10+ colors


The Classic is a stick style but incredibly smooth as well as extremely light-weight. It’s only obtained 2 parts, a battery device, and also the pods. They affix with each other using a magnetic connection. RELX pods are held in firmly adequate that the pods will not befall on their own.

The entire device with the pod (packed with e-liquid) affixed weights only 25g, you can barely inform it exists. It’s not the lightest prefilled pod vape, however, it’s few grams away from it.

Beginning with the RELX Classic is about as very easy as it obtains. There’s an educational manual if you require it, yet there’s little to discover.

Simply go down the pod into the battery as well as take a draw when you prepare. There’s essentially absolutely nothing else to do after you place the pod.

There are no switches or LED readouts. The RELX classic is draw-activated, which implies it makes vapor merely from the customer taking a drag out the mouthpiece.

There’s a teardrop-shaped LED in the middle of the battery that illuminates when you take a hit, showing the device is energetic.

As soon as you complete your drag, the device enters into rest mode and only requires an inhale to turn back on. You’ll never have to keep in mind to transform it off.


RELX Pods Review

The pods are pre-filled, not ideal for a lot of vapers however, for those brand-new as well as making the button from cigarette smoking I think this can certainly be an and also(particularly when the tastes are good, we’ll get into it later on).

RELX pods let you have a legit MTL pull. They have a tight but easy draw, just like the hit of a cigarette. The automatic button engages with extremely little initiative.

I have actually been able to take lengthy drags, completely approximately the cutoff, without ever getting a burnt or dry hit. As well as there’s been no gurgling, spitting, or leaking whatsoever.

The standout attribute of the efficiency is the FEELM ceramic wicking. You can take a long hit with confidence! I’ve looked up and seen the pod look absolutely vacant, all while getting fairly saturated hits.

You can essentially vape RELX pods to the last decrease … although I do not recommend you do that. It’s best to quit just reluctant of a bone dry pod. The good news is you can see your juice level with the suggestion of the pod.

The throat hit is a solid thump, without scratchy sensations. The pod itself features a ceramic coil as well as nicotine salts, with the last helping provide nicotine into your system better than the requirement, freebase e-liquid. Nic salts additionally offer a smoother vape for their nicotine contents.

So if you’re not a heavy vaper or smoker, you may wish to choose the 3% nicotine as opposed to the 5%. For 3% nic salt, the RELX Classic hits relatively tough.

I direct this out since depending upon the nic salt formula, one brand name’s 3% can feel light where an additional brand name’s nic salt can feel a lot more assertive. The nic salt in the RELX Classic is assertive.

The RELX Vape Reviews On Reddit

Relx. My cousin showed it to me and we went and bought one for myself.

Two weeks later, I’m off the cigs(My newfound health anxiety helped tremendously scaring myself back then)

Gave it to my sister and she stopped smoking too.

Relx is a magical device

by mink2018 on Reddit

Its extremely popular all around Asia, pretty much every Chinese student at my uni smokes or has a RELX. Its like a Chinese Juul, in the sense that you just buy their pods and are good to go. But its a bad comparison, because Juul is completely unsatisfactory imo, whereas the RELX experience has been incredible for me.

by tissotrol on Reddit

I have been using RELX Essential with its Menthol Plus RELX pods. It delivers very smooth and strong menthol flavour. I would recommend RELX

by onnine on Reddit

RELX Flavour Review

RELX Pods Flavors Review

RELX Classic pods have PLENTY of tastes for you to choose from which is probably the reason that there are still so many individuals acquiring the Classic rather than various other kinds of RELX vapes. I directly enjoy the Classic pod flavors. Specifically due to the fact that some tastes actually fulfill my preferences.

RELX Pods Flavor Review

Icy Slush (White Freeze)

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○


This Icy Slush absolutely requires to be on the top of the list. It is my preferred taste. It has a strong throat hit as well as a high degree of reduction. Specifically, in summer, it’s actually comfy to take a puff. The cold throat sensation, with the pleasant taste of Icy Slushs like having a wonderful ice stick melting in your mouth, makes you satisfied simply in a single puff.

And its reduction level is extremely high when you take the initial puff as if you are consuming ice cream, you will return to the charm of childhood at the same time. Every puff will cool you down. I strongly suggest any person that likes great flavors to try it.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Icy Slush(White Freeze).

Ludou Ice

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●○○

Recommended: ●●●●●

The next RELX pods flavor is Ludou Ice. Now this one is pretty special. To be honest I don’t have a thing for green beans. But Ludou Ice flavor is based on the taste of green beans which is strange, because it sure does taste like green beans but different and a lot better.

It’s sweet, menthol with a tip of the fragrance of green beans. The crazy thing is that I really enjoy it. Some of my friends really like it too.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Ludou Ice.

Tangy Purple

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●●●

For the preference of Grapes, I personally believe that it is in fact excellent. When I opened up the very first puff, it had lots of grapes, a little bit like the grape juice we typically consume, pleasant with a tip of grape sharp. The coolness is not very high, lots of female pals around like vaping this taste.

It proceeds the coolness of RELX pods before. Compared with Peach Oolong, they offset the absence of cooling and also the sweetness of Peach Oolong, and the scent is full. The scent of the grape is mirrored incisively.

Surrounded by the mouth as well as teeth, the juicy grapes are softer, as well as the throat feel is lower. It is indeed the best preference. At present, it is the second area in my pods.

I believe this taste appropriates for those who are brand-new to RELX pods flavors or ladies that like fruity fragrance. Trust me, this is a brand-new taste totally worth attempting.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Tangy Purple.

Peach Oolong

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●●●

Richness: ●●●●●

Recommended: ●●●○○

At the start of the entry is a light oolong tea scent, adhered to by a trendy throat feeling, with a solid tea scent as well as sweet peach flavor. Instantly afterward, your mouth and throat have plenty of peach oolong strong effect. Its reduction level is actually high, just like you consume alcohol cold peach oolong tea.

When you spit it out, it will always be that preference in your mouth and also the clouds, sweet peach flavour with a hint of tea. I think this preference appropriates for girls who like a fresh preference.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Peach Oolong.

Mellow Yellow

Cooling: ●○○○○

Intensity: ●●●●○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●○○○○

The taste of banana milk, this flavor tastes pleasant, however likewise a little bit like the preference of dried out bananas. It has a solid flavor and almost no air conditioning compared with other RELX pods, so in my opinion, it is not suitable for lasting usage.

This preference depends on individual preference, I assume this taste is suitable for individuals that like bananas or like pleasant A WHOLE LOT. I like bananas but this pod flavor is as well greasy for me.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Mellow Yellow.

Turbo Red

Cooling: ●●○○○

Intensity: ●●●●○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●●○

The preference will certainly get a growing number of great smelling, as well as the level of reduction, is extremely high. This Power Shot tastes like a 100% Red Bull drink. It’s really rejuvenating.

It’s the odor after talking, and people around you can easily smell it. This taste sales are excellent, I personally suggest it. I think those that such as Red Bull drinks would truly like this taste.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Turbo Red.


Cooling: ●●●●●

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●○○

Recommended: ●●●○○

The mint cartridge consisted of in the bundle is 5%. so it does pack a bit of a punch. Not just nic smart yet likewise the menthol, it’s really cold, yet it’s still pleasant, it’s the type of spear minty. As for cloud production, it’s good based on whether you desire larger small clouds, you can decide whether that dimension benefits you.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Mint.

Blue Burst

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○

Recommended: ●●●●○

The blueberry flavour is 3%, they appear like out of the box the same foil seal as before. It did include a little bit of menthol in there as well like RELX constantly does. The blueberry itself is not specifically a wonderful one, it’s got a little bit of a bread or medication type vibe to it.

I like sweet things a lot, so I really hope that it can be sweeter.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Blue Burst.

Pink Zest

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○

Recommended: ●●●●○

It really tastes as well as smells like tangerine. Like if you took a big whiff of orange skin you know, the flavor itself is spot-on, however, there is little sweet taste to it. Like it tastes precise just how it scents.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Pink Zest.

Tropical Fruit

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○

Recommended: ●●●○○

This is an actually delicious mango, and just with the means it does, which really attractive smooth restricted hit with the adequate quantities of flavour, it’s just actually pleasurable.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Tropical Fruit.

Classic Tobacco

Cooling: ○○○○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○

Recommended: ●●●○○ (It depends)

This taste is most likely one of the most one-of-a-kind RELX pods. This is the first time I’ve attempted this and if you’re a smoker as well as you’re seeking something to give up with, this cigarette may be something to take a look at because it is really like cigarette tasting.

Directly, one of the primary reasons that I give up cigarette smoking is the smell of it. The smell of cigarettes is not really pleasing for my non-smoking buddies. And also it sticks to your clothing. Since I’ve changed to RELX pods, I can remove the burning cigarette smell. I won’t pick this flavor because you know why.

Click To Shop For RELX Pods Classic Tobacco.

Overall for somebody who wants to quit cigarette smoking via vaping or someone that simply does not intend to fill their very own pods and all that, RELX vape definitely is a fantastic alternative.

RELX Vape Near Me

Where Can You Buy RELX In Philippines?

You can look for RELX vapes on RELX PODS in the Philippines. RELX PODS is the authorized RELX online store JUST for RELXers in the Philippines offering you the most genuine RELX items and also the most effective customer support with residential quick FREE shipping in the Philippines. Do not hesitate to put an order here anytime you intend to RELX!

RELX Alpha Review: The Strongest Pod Vape Ever


  • 340mAh Battery
  • 1.6ml Tank Capacity
  • 0.96oz Weight
  • Size: 112 × 23 × 10mm
  • Puffs Per Pod: 500 Puffs
  • Charging time: 40 minutes
  • Automatic (Draw activated)
  • Magnetic pod/battery connection
RELX Alpha Review


First impressions are every little thing as well as upon taking an initial check out the RELX Alpha Starter package, the style is noticeably eye-catching. The RELX Alpha is both small and also lightweight, showing off a pen style that is without the mass of mods reliant on storage tanks rather than a pod system.

The RELX Alpha Starter Kit can be found in 2 various colors- Jet Black and Luxe Gold. While there isn’t much range in color option right here in comparison to various other RELX vapes, both the Jet Black as well as Luxe Gold surfaces are sleek as well as sophisticated.

The RELX Alpha additionally features RELX’s patented AlphaStream style that includes a lengthened a-shaped airway that is in place to offer you more flavor with each puff. This layout likewise sustains a 95% draw resistance that will certainly be specifically eye-catching to past cigarette smokers as it feels incredibly similar to a genuine cigarette.

Most of us recognize just how vital it is to locate a vape that mimics the feeling of a cigarette when first making the button to vaping and the RELX Alpha checks all packages.

Obtaining a lot more thorough with the RELX Alpha’s style features, let’s speak about the atomizer itself. With its fourth generation honeycomb atomizer, the RELX Alpha has shown to create a softer throat really feel that won’t trigger unneeded burning or inflammation similar to that of various other vapes.

RELX Pods Alpha Review

RELX Alpha Pods Flavors

RELX presently provides 20+ different tastes, each of those tastes has a different nicotine percent (either 3% or 5% nicotine) and is totally compatible with the RELX Alpha.

Innovative Features

The RELX Alpha consists of a SmartPace vibration that will alert you with a small resonance when the usage gets to 15 puffs within a 10-minute home window of time.

General Advantages And Disadvantages of the RELX Alpha

Streamlined, portable, and lightweight body layout
A lot larger pods than most pod system vapes
Drip defense system
Higher price of puffs per pod
Copyrighted layout features that provide even more taste
Just two shade ranges for now
Battery life isn’t especially excellent

RELX Infinity Review: Super Smooth e-Cigarette Experience


RELX Infinity Device Review


  • RELX Infinity Mod (Battery)
  • 1 × Type-C USB Charging Cable
  • 1 × User Manual


  • 380mAh Battery
  • Fast Charging
  • 1.9ml Tank Capacity
  • SuperSmooth Technology
  • Automatic (Draw activated)
  • Magnetic pod/battery connection
  • Leak Resistant with Maze technology
  • Portable charge case – Available to purchase separately
  • Available in 3 colours – Red | Silver | Black


The RELX Infinity fits into the light Iight pod classification with a lightweight aluminum Unibody building and construction. It has actually certainly been made to be portable without feeling like you have a tiny rock in your pocket. A good beginning.

It’s all rounded sides, smooth to touch, and houses the USB-C port on the base and 2 inset charging connectors on either side that enable the pod mod to click right into the charging situation.

It has the RELX branding on one side, a couple of small airflow holes on either edge of the body, and a small round light on one side. This brightens as you vape as well as shows your battery degree.

RELX Infinity Pod RELX Pods Pro Review

RELX Infinity Pod Flavors Review

RELX Pods Pro Review

Menthol Plus

Cooling: ●●●●●

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●○○

Recommended: ●●●○○

That’s a hefty hitting super cool menthol taste, with a spearmint or peppermint spin. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, however, it might be a terrific choice for those coming from smoking menthol cigarettes. No issues below. Yet, as I noted in the previous area, this is except for the faint-hearted when it pertains to cooling– it will offer you mind freeze if you overdo it.

Fresh Red

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○

Recommended: ●●●●○

This is a simple watermelon flavor, with a little mint at the history. It is not overly wonderful as well as, outside of the cooling part, it is a very balanced taste. I actually appreciated this. It’s really revitalizing and a wonderful summertime vape.

Tangy Purple

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●●○

Richness: ●●●○○

Recommended: ●●●●●

That’s a fascinating one. I for one love it, however I do not assume it’s for everyone. It is mainly a grape flavor, yet the method grape is typically analyzed in e-juice. Yet if you actually appreciate grape flavorful things or the Classic Tangy Purple RELX pods, you’ll like this one as well. The flavor is similar to the Classic pod, but with a tighter draw which I personally truly delighted in. Highly advise it.

Raspy Ruby

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●○○

This is an uncomplicated minty raspberry taste as well as one of the least intricate tastes of the collection. I am not a huge fan of raspberry vapes, yet I kinda liked this one. I simply found it a little bit too flower for my preference.

Ludou Ice

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●●●

It recreates a Chinese desert called mung bean bread with the main ingredient being mung bean. I actually appreciate this one. If you enjoy mung bean bread or the preference of pleasant environment-friendly beans, you enjoy this taste. Possibly not for everybody tho, it can taste unusual for those who have not tried the desert.

Golden Slice

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●●●

This, in addition to Dark Sparkle, are my 2 favorites of the line. This is a really rejuvenating mango flavor that I appreciated a lot that I went through two 5.0% pods in a day. To be reasonable, you can not truly mess up mango nowadays in e-liquid, but this shouldn’t eliminate the reality that they nailed it.

Garden’s Heart

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○

Recommended: ●●●●○

It’s a cooled-down strawberry milk flavor, which seems a bit odd theoretically yet it kinda works. It’s not my favorite, yet I really like the strawberry they utilized right here, as well as it seems like the least mentholated flavor of the number.

On the other hand, this is probably the one taste that they can have stayed clear of using menthol with.

Dark Sparkle

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●●○

Richness: ●●●○○

Recommended: ●●●●●

And also lastly, among the best cola tastes I have actually ever had, duration. As a matter of fact, this might be the only soda flavor I have actually ever before enjoyed in vaping!

In addition to that, they utilized the correct amount of air conditioning, which makes it really feel kinda carbonated as well. This flavor is a champion and also I am currently intending on acquiring some additional pods.

The RELX Infinity Reviews On Reddit

Flavorwise: Classic is stronger but the Infinity is smoother

by nicktronz on Reddit

RELX infinity has definitely been designed to be portable without feeling like you have a small rock in your pocket. It’s all rounded edges, smooth to touch and houses the USB-C port on the base as well as 2 inset charging connectors either side that allows the pod mod to click into the charging case.

by Evallly on Reddit

RELX Infinity VS Classic, Which Is Better?

RELX Infinity VS Classic

RELX Infinity Or Classic, Which One Should You Choose?

RELX Infinity Device VS Classic Device

RELX Infinity VS Classic

Features Comparison

RELX ClassicRELX Infinity
Internal 350mAh Battery
Intelligent Battery Life Indicator
2ml Pre-filled Pods
Manual Draw Activation
Micro USB Charging
Internal 380mAh Battery
SmartPace Vibrate Alert
1.9ml Pre-filled Pods
Manual Draw Activation
Type-C USB Charging

About Layout Design

Classic is a closed-system vape with a sleek along with minimalistic design. It has 11 different shades for the device. I personally like the Sunset Glow the most, amongst Classic device shades as well as Infinity device shades.

The surface of this device is a lightweight aluminum alloy, which in addition preserves the device exceptionally light-weight.

The Infinity device, which was lately presented the Red Dot Style Award, is a unibody vape with an expensive design. It presently has 8 various shades for the device. The surface is a metal lightweight aluminum alloy and also is satin-smooth.

Personal Thoughts: I personally prefer the design of Infinity. It’s smoother, cleaner, and it looks more costy (which it is but not much). When using Classic, the bottom of the device sometimes cuts my hand a little while I’m holding it. But with the design of Infinity, this problem doesn’t exist. So that’s a plus for Infinity.

About Charging and Light

The indicator light of Classic remains in the shape of a raindrop. To charge the Classic, just connect in a micro-USB cord, and also the raindrop LED light will remain on while being charged. The fee is full when the LED heads out. When you inhale, the light shows up with each puff. Easy and easy.

RELX Classic Tear Drop Light
RELX Classic Tear Drop Light

The LED sign of Infinity is a light ring, which provides an additional layer of structure to the layout. To bill the device, there are two methods: simply connect in with the Type-C battery charger or the pogo-pin, which permits you to charge your device wirelessly with compatible Infinity accessories. The populated LED light on the front of the device will blink slowly when the device is billing and also will certainly remain lit when it is totally billed.

RELX Inifinity Light
RELX Inifinity Light

As you inhale, the light ring shines. An added feature of Infinity is the Smart Rate alerts. When you vape 15 clouds of smoke within 15 minutes, you will really feel the vibration comments. This feature will aid you to check your vape usage.

Personal Thoughts: The wireless charging case definitely is a huge plus for Infinity. You can carry the device around without worrying about low battery. But if you’re not using it a whole lot, or you’re not going out for a very long time, it won’t make a difference for you since the device can last a day after fully charged (both Classic and Infinity).

And about the light. The sign light of Classic is simple but helpful. It’s enough for you to know all the info that you need. And the LED light of Infinity works fine on me as well. I can’t say which one I like better, but the dotted one of Infinity does look more fashionable.

About Pod Connection

When it is time to change RELX pods, Classic keeps in basic. Simply switch out the pod when you desire a new taste or when your pod is empty and also the magnets will immediately protect each pod.

For Infinity, the pod connection is a lot more user-friendly, and changing a pod is a smooth experience. When you change out the RELX pods pro, the magnets will safeguard the pod with a subtle click, the device will certainly provide resonance responses to verify the connection and the sign light will flash once. Infinity pods are in proportion, so switching pods has never been simpler.

Personal Thoughts: Personally, how the device responds to switching RELX pods doesn’t really make a big difference to me. I feel okay with both. But Infinity does feel more expensive with the pod switching experience (which is true that it is more expensive). For this one, I’d say they’re equal.

About Inhalation

When you vape, the device will educate you that it senses you’re breathing in. For Classic, when you inhale, the raindrop LED lights up with each puff. Easy and also basic.

For Infinity, as you inhale, the light ring shines. An added feature of Infinity is the Smart Pace notifies. When you vape 15 clouds of smoke within 15 mins, you will feel the resonance feedback. This feature will certainly help you check your vape usage.

Personal Thoughts: I have to admit, the vibration feedback helping you monitor the vape usage is absolutely brilliant. I love it. Since I switched from traditional cigs to e-cigs, I don’t really know how much I vape for a day sometimes. Cuz I often switch between multiple pods of different flavors before I finish one pod. With this update with Infinity, I’d know how much I vape and when I should stop. So that’s a huge plus for RELX Infinity.

RELX Classic Pods VS RELX Infinity Pods

RELX Classic Pods

The tastes I’ve tried of the RELX Classic are all well done. My favorite is aromatic fruit, which tastes pleasant as well as a succulent blend of fruits with the intoxicating fragrance of something nearly flower. It’s an unbelievably well-crafted and also sophisticated flavor. However do not stress, they’re not all that type of various– and also I think the flavor schedule is still being figured out. Just how this deals with flavor restrictions, I do not understand.

Essential note: Most of the RELX pods flavors I evaluated to have a cooling, mentholated experience … but I’ve only attempted 1/4 of the food selection! There are so many tastes, I can not speak to them all. There are almost 20 total choices readily available via the RELX site. They have a couple of categories of flavors, including tobacco, beverages, fruits, and so on. Below’s a listing of their flavors:

Fragrant Fruit
Icy Purple Sweet Potato
Fresh Red
Gold Sparkle
Classic Tobacco
Light Tobacco
Dark Sparkle
White Freeze
Energy Shot
Tropical Fruit
Fresh Cucumber
Pink Zest
Peach Oolong
Mellow Melody
Mellow Yellow
Blue Burst
Ludou Ice
Tangy Purple
Garden’s Heart
Sunny Sparkle
Iced Black Tea
Exotic Passion

A few of the tea tastes are actually tasty, yet possibly only if you’re a fan of teas like oolong (which I am). A few of those tastes clarify why RELX is so preferred in the Philippines. Lately, they’ve included some Westernized tastes like tropical fruit, pink zest (grapefruit), fresh cucumber to name a few.

I really like Dark Sparkle. It preferences of dark soda with something slightly organic. No, not medical. It’s truly great! Perhaps comparable to how an initial coca-cola might’ve tasted when there were real active ingredients besides sugar and also shade. The factor is simply that the RELX Classic has some well-crafted flavors.

RELX Infinity Pods

All the tastes I attempted included (a great deal of) menthol. RELX claims that flavors differ depending on the marketplace and that not every one of them is cooled, yet the only non-menthol flavors I’ve been able to find are their two cigarettes (which I really did not get a chance to try). Note that the starter set comes barebones with no pods consisted of. So, if you are planning on buying it, make sure you add some pods to your basket. Below’s a checklist of their flavors:

Ludou Ice
White Freeze
Fresh Red
Menthol Plus
Fruit Tea
Light Tobacco
Rose Lychee
Dark Sparkle
Tangy Purple
Garden’s Heart
Rich Tobacco
Golden Slice
Sunny Sparkle

All the fruity ones are rather tasty for me (except for Sunny Sparkle cuz I do not really like anything orange flavorful. I directly like White Freeze the most given that I love consuming the genuine White Freeze. RELX has been servicing developing a lot more flavors for RELX Infinity. The amount of Infinity pod tastes has been expanding considering that Infinity is out. I want them could be quicker though.

Which one should you pick?

RELX Classic is less costly, simpler to make use of, RELX Classic starter set features RELX pods. And also the Classic pods feature 20+ tastes. So, if you’re brand-new to RELX, as well as you favor a lot more streamlined vaping experience, don’t actually care about all the fancy looking stuff, then RELX Classic is absolutely the appropriate one for you.

RELX Infinity, however, looks more costly, fancier, and also has extra brand-new features to play with. The resonance responses assist you to monitor your nicotine intake which is super handy for you if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. So, if you’re looking for a more modernized vaping experience, you prefer fancier devices, and you’re not attempting to conserve money, then RELX Infinity will be your finest option.

Are there any side effects of using RELX pods?


RELX & health: Are RELX pods safe?

What are the risks of Using RELX?

The most significant dangers of using RELX are unknown threats. As we know, vaping hasn’t been about sufficient time for us to identify the dangers of lasting usage, yet we do recognize it’s certainly a lot less hazardous than smoking cigarettes.

Taking a breath of any type of product right into your lungs needlessly is not ideal, which’s why non-smokers need to not vape. For those that smoke, switching to vaping is likely to substantially reduce health risks.

The dangers connected with long-term vaping are unidentified. While vaping is much less damaging than smoking it is not likely to be completely harm-free. Ideally, cigarette smokers that are vaping to quit need to look for to ultimately stop vaping additionally.

Scientists will certainly not be particular for years of any type of health and also health dangers connected to vaping. The Ministry of Wellness and also wellness has a task in continuing to be to watch on the risk.

Can RELX Vapes Cause Cancer?

The present studies reveal that even if vapes are taken into consideration to be related to cancer cells, the danger is more than likely to simply be a little section of the dangers of cigarette smoking. It is still a great deal more secure than cigarettes.

If you’re a NON-SMOKER, it’s NOT advised for you to use RELX vapes. Vaping is just for helping adult smokers to surrender cigarette smoking.

Used smoke is attached to lung cancer cells, there is no evidence yet that second-hand vapor is connected.

For GROWN-UP SMOKERS, a lot of the cancer-causing chemicals are generated from melting cigarettes in cigarettes or roll-your-own cigarettes. Changing to RELX vapes will considerably decrease your danger of cancer cells.

There are some harmful compounds in vapor, nonetheless, these are normally at a lot lowered levels than what continues to be in cigarette smoke, or at degrees that are not likely to produce injury.

RELX Pods vaping

RELX pods have nicotine, which does NOT create cancer. Yet nicotine is harmful to children as well as animals.

To put it simply, RELX vapes are far safer to make use of compared to traditional cigarettes. You can change to RELX at any time without concerns.

Switching From Cigarette To RELX Pod Vapes

Is RELX Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Is RELX safe or otherwise? RELX vapes warm nicotine (extracted from a cigarette), flavors, in addition to numerous other chemicals to develop an aerosol that you take in. Regular cigarettes consist of 7,000 chemicals, much of which are harmful.

While we do not understand exactly what chemicals remain in RELX e-cigarettes, Michael Blaha, M.D., M.P.H., manager of expert research study at the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Facility for the Evasion of Cardiovascular disease asserts “there’s nearly no question that they reveal you to less toxic chemicals than common cigarettes.”

By switching over to RELX from cigarettes, you can launch your very own from a lot of damaging chemicals. The only unsafe one that cigarette furthermore consists of is nicotine.

Can RELX Vapes Help Quit Cigarettes?

Basically, RELX vapes CONTAINER assist you to quit smoking. Merely like all the different other techniques, your choice likewise counts as a vital variable.

Use RELX vapes to stop cigarettes is means simpler.


An upgraded testimony of the evidence, covering 50 research study studies and more than 12,000 people, currently supplies far better self-confidence that e-cigarettes with nicotine can help a lot more individuals to quit cigarette smoking than traditional nicotine replacement treatment (such as periodontal or spots) or e-cigarettes without nicotine.

As well as, the testimonial discovered no evidence of extreme injuries of electronic cigarettes with nicotine.

So, with RELX pods, which draw far more like cigarettes, you can quit cigarette smoking extra quickly.

Why Do RELX Pods Contain Nicotine?

Many people lose out on the nicotine intake when they surrender to cigarette smoking which can create a range of nicotine withdrawal symptoms making it difficult to give up.

RELX Pods nicotine

RELX pods can offer you some nicotine yet without allowing you consumption the hazardous contaminants from cigarette smoke. With the nic in RELX pods, you won’t have to go through all the tough time having a problem with nic take out symptoms, making it simpler to stop smoking.

PS: Nicotine itself does not have a considerable result on the wellness as well as the wellness of people that smoke. However, it’s highly habit-forming. So it’s not suggested for non-smokers to make use of any type of vape items.

Which Is Better Juul Or RELX?

RELX Pod Vape VS Juul

To make it simpler to compare between the 2 brands, we have actually selected their very successful product– the RELX Classic starter set and the Juul Beginner kit.

RELX Classic VS Juul: Pods

RELX Classic: 750.00/ 1 pack (3 RELX pods), 2ml/pod, 3%/ 5% nicotine

Juul: 450.00/ 1 pack (2 Juul pods), 0.7 ml/pod, 3%/ 5% nicotine

At first glimpse, it looks like RELX pods are slightly a little more pricey than Juul. Nonetheless, if you look better, the volume of 1 RELX pods is almost three-way the volume of 1 Juul pod. This indicates that for just 25 per pod more than Juul, you’re getting a whole lot more juice out of RELX vape pods.

Furthermore, RELX pods are innovatively engineered to be solid and leak-proof. They additionally take advantage of the prize-winning FEELM technology to improve tastes as well as give you a richer and also smoother vaping experience.

RELX Classic VS Juul: Flavors

Tastes are a fundamental part of any kind of pod system.

RELX Pods: 20+ flavors

Classic Flavor series: Mint, Classic Tobacco

Innovative collection: Ludou Ice

Fresh series: Blue Burst, Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Dark Shimmer, Turbo Red

Drink collection: Fruit Tea, White Freeze, Aromatic Fruit

Juul: 8 flavors

Virginia Tobacco: Rich flavor of American cigarette

Classic Cigarette: Familiar, durable cigarette taste combined with aromatic notes

Menthol: Standard menthol flavor with a brisk finish

Without a doubt, RELX allows you to select from a whole lot more vape flavors, all of which are rather distinctive and also some are fairly special.

RELX Classic VS Juul: Battery

Battery life straight influences how much time you can enjoy your vape. The longer the battery lasts, the even more puffs you can get out of your vape pen.

The RELX Classic starter kit comes with a 350mAh lithium-ion battery that can last a whole day for hefty vapers and anywhere from 2-3 days for lighter vapers. Despite its huge capacity, the RELX Classic battery only takes about 45-60 minutes to charge and also can supply 280– 300 puffs per fee.

The Juul starter set battery is fairly smaller, at only 200mAh. This equals around 200 puffs per charge.

RELX Classic VS Juul: Design

The layout is an important factor to include design and individuality to your vaping experience. Judging from the outside layout and also form factor, the RELX Classic starter kit absolutely looks a lot more attractive than the Juul starter package. RELX additionally offers more shades for their starter packages– from the stylish jet black and also navy blue to the trendy slope alternatives.

At the end of the day, everyone has their own preferences, so you can choose which vape set looks better.

RELX Classic VS Juul: Production quality

The last point to take into consideration when comparing RELX and Juul is their manufacturer. RELX vape items are produced by Smoore, while Juul’s maker is Asteelflash. Both of these makers base their plants in China, and both are fairly skilled in making vapes.

The distinction right here is that RELX is based in China, while Juul is based in the US. This means that RELX is more detailed to the supply chain well as can decrease costs for logistics as well as interaction. As we have actually seen above, this can be one of the factors for their reduced costs and also higher item quality.

The Conclusion

It appears from head-to-head comparisons that the RELX Classic starter kit is superior to the Juul starter package in many aspects. From technological quality to design and convenience, we decide that RELX is the far better brand name to pick.


RELX Vape VS Caliburn

RELX Vape VS Caliburn: Features

Features are where RELX truly beams over Caliburn. The RELX Alpha sporting activities the acclaimed FEELM atomizer that ensures a smooth throat hit and also juicy flavors. Furthermore, its AlphaStream layout enables 95% draw resistance– a perfect reproduction of typical cigarettes. It even has an excellent sign light to reveal charging states or caution you of overconsumption.

That being claimed, the UWell Caliburn does install a great selection of features as well. Its hyper-responsive fire button allows for easy use, while its outstanding securing system suggests you can keep your vape away from minors. Moreover, the Caliburn’s 520mAh battery makes it premium in the RELX VS Caliburn battery competition.

In general, RELX is the triumphant brand name in terms of features, but UWell does follow rather carefully.

RELX Vape VS Caliburn: Flavors

At the end of the day, flavors are additionally what many vapers are after. RELX PODS give users a good variety of tastes like listed below:

Classic Taste collection: Mint, Classic Cigarette

Creative collection: Ludou Ice

Fresh series: Blue Ruptured, Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Dark Glimmer, Turbo Red

Drink series: Fruit Tea, White Freeze, Fragrant Fruit

Nonetheless, being an open pod system, Caliburn simply has even more flavor alternatives from third-party makers.

The drawback of being open-systemed is that the top quality of e-juice for Caliburn is somewhat unrestrained. Being mainly a nic salt system, the cost of e-liquid for Caliburn can likewise be quite high. But it can additionally let you appreciate whatever e-juice that you such as with nearly no restriction.

To ensure that’s it for the taste comparison between RELX Vape VS Caliburn, a meant to draw in between 2 outstanding brands.


In conclusion, presumably that the RELX VS Caliburn dispute is far from over, with 2 lines of items neck and neck with each other.

RELX Alpha VS Juul

You might have heard a lot concerning the RELX Alpha being a potential Juul killer because of its launch. But why? Truthfully, it mainly boils down to the pod system (along with a few other innovative features that we’ll talk about next). In direct contrast, the Alpha Pods provide you a whole lot even more value. How so?

RELX Alpha VS Juul: Pods

The Alpha Pods are much larger than the pods made use of in the Juul’s layout resting at an e-liquid pod ability of 1.6 ml as contrasted to the Juul’s 0.7 ml. This is an especially eye-catching feature of the RELX Alpha Beginner package as it is both convenient and also cost-efficient. Better yet, you’ll obtain a total of 500 clouds of smoke per pod with the RELX Alpha and also simply about 200 from the Juul most of the time.

The RELX Alpha is also developed with among the Juul pod system’s greatest cons in mind- pod leak. RELX provides the Alpha Pods as 175% more sturdy contrasted to their rivals with a total of 4 architectural renovations included removing leak. These enhancements consist of a condensation-trapping air passage wall surface, reinforced base, and fluid silicone shot molding that will drastically reduce (otherwise eliminate) the risk of a leak.

RELX Alpha VS Juul: Convenience & Transportability

When it concerns convenience, the RELX Classic starter package does not supply as much as the RELX Alpha kit. Nevertheless, it does feature a micro-USB charging port and wire, making it comparable to merely billing your phone. The Juul starter set, on the various other and, requires a charging dock. If the dock is shed or harmed, you would certainly need to acquire an additional one to continue utilizing your Juul vape pen.

A disadvantage for benefit when utilizing RELX items is that RELX has actually not broadened its storehouses beyond China, making it’s delivery a fair bit a lot more pricey and also taxing than Juul.

As for portability, the Juul vape pen is a little smaller sized as well as lighter than the RELX vape pen, making it much easier to carry about. Particularly, the Juul vape pen evaluates 14 grams as well as measures 9.48 x 1.51 cm, while the RELX vape pen considers 25 grams and also steps 10 x 2 cm. Yet with a little bit much moweightigh, the device can really feel more textured.

RELX Vape VS Iqos

Currently, Iqos is a whole various thing contrasting to various other vapes on the market. It’s not a “traditional vape pen” that vaporizes some e-liquid for you to inhale. It’s warming (not melt) up the cigarette placed within the so-called Iqos “chamber” developing water vapor for you to inhale. Considering that it does not shed paper, it does not give off smoke or ash. Pretty fascinating.

RELX Vape VS Iqos: Style

Iqos is a vape pen brand that is incredibly popular in Japan. It’s a pen-like vape kit that is somewhat various from RELX maps for its rounded form. Iqos vapes generally have a chamber (the vape pen) as well as a mobile battery charger for every package which is developed to be convenient. And it’s obtained the Type-C fast cost cable and an A/C adapter.

RELX Vape VS Iqos: Vaping Experience

The Iqos replacement of RELX pods is something called warmth stick. When vaping Iqos, you have to put a warm penetrate the chamber as well as wait till it’s warmed up. It’s a bit a lot more complicated than RELX vapes since it’s just plug-and-play for RELX.

Considering that it’s still “smoking a cigarette” when you’re utilizing Iqos, the draw feeling is actually the same as cigarette smoking. However, for conventional vapes like RELX, no matter exactly how tight the draw is there’s still some difference. I personally delight in RELX’s limited draw after using it for a while, so this does not truly trouble me that much to be sincere.

The cloud of Iqos is given up slim contrasting to RELX. I personally choose the bigger cloud when vaping.

RELX VAPE VS Iqos: Flavor

The Iqos tastes do not taste as thick as RELX tastes normally talking. They have 10+ tastes to select from such as Bronze, Sienna, Brownish-yellow, Yellow, Blue-green, Blue, Eco-friendly Zing, Purple. On the other hand, there are 20+ flavors for RELX Classic giving you extra choices.

Sp2 Vape VS RELX

Sp2 Vape VS RELX: Design

For the layout, Sp2 is virtually the same as RELX Classic. There are some minor differences between them like the form of the LED light, the base of the device, and also the logo. There are 5 colors for you to select that are black, gold, red, blue, and silver. In the Sp2 vape starter set, they have a device, 2 pods, a USB wire, a QC card, and a guarantee card. Still very few differences from the RELX vape starter package.

Sp2 Vape VS RELX: Pod

Sp2 vapes don’t just look similar to RELX vapes, the Sp2 pods are completely compatible with RELX Classic device (which means RELX pods are compatible with Sp2 device too). So consequently you can increase your flavor option range without purchasing another brand name or sort of device.

Personally, I still prefer my Classic just for the teardrop-shaped LED light.

Moti Vape VS RELX

Moti Vape VS RELX: Packaging Style

The RELX plan design is delicate. The dialog instructions reduce the distance between the individual, and also the pod is transparent, so it is easy to observe the e-liquid amount. It includes an incorporated metal covering, the entire body is the non-planar layout, the middle is a water bead shape indication lamp, as well as the bottom, is the standard plastic shot interface design, utilizing Mirco-USB charging interface, attached with a charging line.

The product style of MOTI is almost the same as that of RELX. In addition to LOGO DESIGN as well as sign lamp designs, also billing lines are the same. It is hypothesized that they came out of the very same OEM manufacturing facilities. The MOTI makes the pod near the edge of the mouth clear as well as very easy to observe the e-liquids.

Moti Vape VS RELX: Taste

RELX is smooth and pure on the taste. Its taste of tobacco is truly high, as well as it does not trigger strong excitement in the body. But there is a strong flavor essence on the scent. It has a high degree of addiction relief. Two to three months of vaping can give old smokers adequate satisfaction.

MOTI has lots of tendencies in cigarette taste.

MOTI has a low level of integrity in tobacco, although very soft, it truly can’t really feel a tobacco-like flavor. Maybe it is to make it more appropriate for brand-new smokers? It is not optimal in the preference of mint as well as fruit, and also the degree of cigarette integrity is not high.

T28 Vape VS RELX

T28 Vape VS RELX: Layout

T28 looks a lot more rounded shaped comparing to RELX. It’s bigger and also looks fatter. For those that prefer smaller sized devices (such as me), you may intend to choose RELX. However, the people that such as bigger, larger devices, T28 is not a negative option.

T28 Vape VS RELX: Pod

They have 12 tastes for T28 in the total amount. They are Amazing Mint, Green Bean, Merlot, Su Yan, Mango, Lychee, Bubble Periodontal, Blue Berry, Chuanbei Loquat Paste, Almond, Pineapple as well as Areca. Some among these are rather intriguing such as Chuanbei Loquat Paste. I don’t recognize the exact English words for this flavor because it’s a Chinese medication for aching throat. The flavor is a blend of mint and some wonderful herb taste. Kind of odd and revitalizing at the same time. Still, RELX has extra alternatives when it involves pod flavors. I indicate 20+ tastes are actually a lot, in addition to that, they are still dealing with adding new tastes.

RELX Pods Not Working?

why is my RELX Pods not working

Why My RELX Pod Quit Working? RELX Pod Does Not Work, Exactly How To Fix It?

Charge Your Relx Device

If your RELX won’t hit attempt to charge the device by placing the USB charger into the device and also charge for 45mins till completely charged before trying other troubleshooting repairs.

Clean Your Relx Vape

If your RELX is fully charged yet still won’t hit, then it’s time to attempt a few other strategies. If the device isn’t creating any vapor try to clean up the calls where the pod fits into the RELX. For cleansing RELX vapes, you’ll need a cotton bud and also some scrubbing alcohol. The user should press any kind of extra fluid off of the q-tip before using it to clean off the metal calls.

We also advise you to attempt as well as remove any kind of little air bubbles that could be in the pod. To do this, eliminate the RELX pod from the device then touch it on a table with the mouthpiece punctuating to eliminate the bubbles.

what to do when your pod is jammed

The first thing that you ought to try is situating the airholes on the base of the jammed pod. After that, delicately strike into them in an initiative to dislodge any particles that remain in the mouthpiece. With any luck, you’ll blow that particle right out. If not, you can try making use of a small poking device like a safety pin to meticulously dig any debris.

If your pod is still not working, there could be a possibility that it is a faulty pod, you might take into consideration getting a refund.

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