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relx vs juul

RELX VS JUUL: Which Is The Best Choice In Philippines?

Vaping is a popular task in the Philippines. For those who are not acquainted, it’s the inhalation of vapour generated by battery-powered vaporizers. It comes in various forms, types, and also prices, which can be daunting for those that intend to start vaping. Therefore, if you are looking for some portable, discreet, and also easy to use, then you could take a look at the RELX Philippines or JUUL in the Philippines.

JUUL Or RELX In The Philippines

RELX Philippines

RELX integrates reducing side, next-generation vaping technology with trendy, minimalist styles to provide you items that are more stylish as well as sophisticated than you can find in any other internet vapour store. Our vape pens and also e-cigarettes recharge rapidly as well as can last 24-hour despite having hefty usage. One-of-a-kind airway designs additionally boost your vaping experience.

JUUL Philippines

JUUL is made with grown-up cigarette smokers in mind, from kind to innovation to taste. It is easy to use, there are no buttons or switches. The JUUL Tool has controlled temperature control and also makes use of nicotine salts as located in the tobacco fell leave instead of free-base pure nicotine, unlike basic e-cigarettes.

These qualities are one-of-a-kind to JUUL and also enable you to experience complete liberty from ash as well as odour. By suiting cigarette-like pure nicotine levels, JUUL offers fulfilment to meet the standards of grown-up cigarette smokers seeking to change from cigarette smoking.


RELX incorporates classy layouts with ingenious next-generation innovation to offer novice vapers one of the most sophisticated digital vapour cigarette starter kit available online.

Each vape pen is the end result of our accurate production procedure. We thoroughly keep track of every step of the procedure, from layout to production, to present brand-new vapers with simple and reliable vaping devices. With our trendy vape pens, RELX wishes to give cigarette smokers an alternative to smoking.

relx philippines
  • RELX Vape Kit

RELX Vape Kit is functional for both the armatures and experts, it is tiny and lightweight precisely as the dimension of a pen. The RELX vape kit includes currently loaded nicotine salt which strikes the throat offering a smooth and also flavoured taste. The modern technology which is utilized in the RELX Vape Pen is a ceramic coil that guarantees the balance between the taste and the manufacturing of vapour.

It is leakage immune since it features dual closed leakage resistant covering which is specifically made to lessen the leak. You can activate it simply by inhaling it. It comes with a 2.0 ml capacity which can not be re-filled and a 1.0 to the 1.2-ohm coil. Micro USB cable television can be made use of to charge it.

  • RELX Pod System

The RELX pod comes with pre-filled up capsules that contain 3% and also 5% nic salt e-liquid and has a 350mAh ability battery under the hood. This is what they suggest by a ‘shut system’, you can not replenish with your own e-liquid.

RELX Philippines Price

RELX Pod Philippines Price

RELX pods make vaping a preference surge, with multiple tastes that vary from standards, like Mint, to brand-new combinations, like Mellow Yellow and Fresh Red.


JUUL is one of the most recognized names in the vaping industry. They have changed the vape experience forever by offering the most advanced temperature regulated closed system vaping technology.

relx philippines juul
  • JUUL Basic Kit

This kit comes with JUUL’s simple smokeless cigarette, which includes a rechargeable battery, in addition to a USB cord for charging. Just connect the USB battery charger to the gadget, plug it into a USB port, and also when the tool is totally charged, you’re ready to start vaping!

The JUUL tool is compatible with all JUUL Pods, which include 0.7 ml of JUULs e-liquid pure nicotine salt, including 5% pure nicotine by weight. The sheathings are offered in a wide variety of flavours, consisting of sultry Crème Brulee, traditional Virginia Tobacco, revitalizing Cool Mint, as well as pleasant fruit assortment.

Just pop the cover off of the smokeless cigarette, insert a JUUL pod in your preferred flavour, and also you’re ready to begin vaping. There are no complicated switches to press or changes to turn on; simply take a pull on the gadget and also get ready to experience unequalled flavour the amazing thrill of nicotine.

  • JUUL Beginner Kit

With the JUUL beginner kit, you’ll obtain whatever you need to make the shift to vaporizing in one convenient bundle. The alternate cigarette was developed by a group of researchers as well as is taken into consideration the most innovative evaporating technology available. The compact dimension is little enough to fit in your pocket and also enables very discreet usage.

The system comes full of two various pre-filled skins flavours, including Virginia Tobacco and Mint. Each hull consists of 0.7 ml of JUULs distinct e-liquid nicotine salt, which use a nicotine strength of 5% by weight, or 50mg of pure nicotine. The device is likewise compatible with the complete – a range of shell refills that JUUL supplies, which are readily available in a selection of tastes, such as Fruit Collection, Cucumber, and also Classic Menthol. The kit likewise comes complete with a USB charger.

JUUL VS RELX Philippines Price

Distinctions Between RELX VS JUUL

  • RELX has more variety of tastes than JUUL. A lot of the RELX flavours are completely different from each various other while the flavours of JUUL such as Mint and also Mental, Virginia cigarette and classic cigarette are really similar per other.
  • JUUL is extremely undesirable as a result of the quantity it creates which directly hits very hard. Whereas the vapour generated by RELX remains in sufficient quantity and also doesn’t strike the throat.
  • RELX has way more capacity than the JUUL sheath. 2.0 ml compared to 0.7 ml. Which makes it 3 times a lot more in capability.
  • When we contrast both sheaths in regards to strength, RELX shows to be much more solid as well as stronger. They don’t damage easily and it’s very simple to dispose of them.
  • 200 clouds of smoke by JUUL does not satisfy the day-to-day requirement of vaping whereas the RELX can sustain 3-4 days of vaping experience.
  • As a result of the huge capacity, the RELX has a bigger battery than the JUUL. And additionally has longer battery life.

Price Comparison

JUUL pods: each JUUL pod contains ~0.7mL with 5.0% nicotine by weight, is priced at ₱450.

RELX Compatible Pods (3 pods pack): Pods come in three nicotine strengths: 0%, 3% and 5% and in more than twenty flavours, are priced at ₱399 – ₱599.

JUUL Starter Kit: with one JUUL battery, one JUUL charger and four pods – one of each flavor, is priced at ₱2423.14.

RELX Classic Starter Kit: one device, one RELX pod (2ml) and one Micro-USB Cable, is priced at ₱1250.

relx philippines pod system

Where To Buy RELX Philippines?

Overall, RELX is richer than JUUL in flavour, and the appearance of RELX is more outstanding, while RELX has been innovative, bringing more surprises to e-cigarette users, but the price of JUUL is indeed a little more expensive than RELX. You can look at your own situation to choose to buy, I personally recommend buying RELX, it’ll be more cost-effective. 

RELX is your online source for sophisticated vapour cigarettes as well as future generation vaping devices. We use the most modern-day manufacturing methods, providing you with cutting-edge devices. Our items combine fashionable modern-day designs with cutting edge technology to supply you with the best smokeless cigarettes as well as vape pens online. You can buy RELX Philippines on our website – RELX PODS, all items are on sale at a discount.

If you are interested in RELX pod vape, you can take a look at our previous article: Buy RELX Pods Vape In Philippines – The Definitive Guide 2021 and RELX 5th Gen Vape Phantom Review. For more information, please visit RELXPODS.

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